Carrie Fisher helped Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds fix their iconic friendship

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Carrie Fisher helped Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds re-cement their friendship

Carrie Fisher helped Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds re-cement their friendship.

Fisher wrote the 2001 TV film, These Old Broads, which starred Reynolds and Taylor along with Joan Collins and Shirley MacLaine. According to sources close to Reynolds and her daughter, Fisher, the latter wrote the film to give her mother a starring role and also to show the public that she and Taylor had put their scandalous breakup behind them. Taylor broke up the marriage of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher when Taylorand Fisher became an item after her then husband, Mike Todd, died in a plane crash. "Carrie had conceived and written it with Elaine Pope, I think as this kind of celebration, a love letter to her mother and Shirley MacLaine and Elizabeth Taylor, and Joan Collins then came aboard," said These Old Broadsdirector, Matthew Diamond in an interview withPEOPLE. "So it was kind of Carrie's way of being both affectionate and funny, loving and a little piercing all at the same time in that way that Carrie could."

According to Diamond, Carrie Fisher, Reynolds and Taylor were comfortable referencing the scandal on screen.

"Carrie got the most pleasure and the biggest kick out of concocting a scene with Debbie and Elizabeth that slyly referenced the long-ago, high-profile scandal in which they were both featured," said Marks to PEOPLE. "She so enjoyed getting to bring them together on screen and to provide an opportunity for them to publicly let bygones be bygones."



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